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15-17 September 1701
Newly Published,
A Banquet for Gentlemen and Ladies, Consisting of Nine Comick and Tragick NOVELS, viz. The Treacherous Friend. The Jealous Husbands. The Friendly Cheat. Jealousy without a Cause. The Cuckold turn’d Confessor. The Prodigal Reclaim’d, and Virginity Restor’d. The Unfortunate Lovers. The Cruel Mother. The Bacchanalians. The whole intermix’d with several pleasant tales and stories. Price bound one shilling. Sold by the publisher of this paper. [London Post]

20-23 September 1701
A Rod for Tunbridge Beaus, Bundl’d up at the Request of the Tunbridge Ladies, to Jirk Fools into more Wit, and Clowns into more Manners. A Burlesque Poem. To be publish’d every summer, as long as the rakes continue their rudeness and the gentry their vertue. Printed and are to be sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster, 1701. [Post Boy]

6-9 December 1701
There is newly published,
The Post-Angel, or Universal entertainment for October, the contents are these.
     1. A history of the private marriage between Mr. Catlin, and Madam Pearson, the Hull heiress, as related by Mr. Carleton one of the principal assistants in that love adventure.
      2d. The strange and surprizing accident and trance, which happened to Grace Nile, servant to Mr. Darly, Minister of Northill near Liskard in Cornwall.
      3d. Of a child in Finbury, born without a mouth.
      4th. Some particular discourses which happened between a little girl and a Devil, that appeared to her in humane shape in Carmarthenshire.
      5. An original life of a young Lady, containing many noble instances of female vertue.
      6. The lives of other emiinent persons that dyed in October.
      7. The Doctrine of Spirits, in a Dialogue between Mario and Ason.
      8. How spirits act upon bodies, with answers to other nice and curious questions.
      9. A continuation of the Practical Project, containing a formal challenge to vice.
      10. A new system of philosophy in verse, &c.
      11. The publick news at home and abroad.
     12. A character of the books lately published. With a Spiritual Observator upon each subject. Vol. 2. To be continued monthly. Sold by A. Baldwin in Warwick-Lane; where is to be had the first volume compleat, or any single month, from January to this time. Price of each 1s. [Post Boy]

2-4 February 1702
The ingenious Youth’s Companion, furnish’d with Variety of Copies of the Hands [i.e. handwriting] in Fashion, adorn’d with Curioius Figures and Flourishes, invented and performed A La Volee; by the late ingenious Mr. John Seddon, ingraven by Mr. John Sturt, and sold by John Stuart Stationer, at the old Three Bibles and Ink-Bottles on London-Bridge, the corner of the square, where all booksellers and stationers may be furnished with all sorts of writing-paper, shop-books, pocket-books and letter-cases, and all other stationary wares by wholesale or retale [sic] at reasonable rates; and all sorts of Japan hangings for rooms, of the newest fashion, by the yard or quire. Seddon’s large book in folio is in the press, with additions, done by him before his death. Sold by the above John Stuart on London-Bridge. [English Post]

26-28 August 1707
In a few Days will be published
The 3d Vol. of the Works of Mr. Tho. Brown, containing Amusements Serious and Comical, calculated for the Meridian of London. With Additions of Letters. His Pocket-book of Common Places. His Walk round London and Westminster, exposing the Vices and Follies of the Town. Letters from Æneas Sylvius. A Declamation in defence of Gaming and against Drunkenness. The Dispensary; or, the Quack's, a Farce wrote in the year 1697. His diverting Letters, Billet-deux [sic], to Gentlemen and Ladies. His Voyage on the Thames; or the Water-Raillery. Poems, Lampoons and Satyrs on several Occasions, in Latin and English. A Continuation of the Quakers Sermon. His London and Lacedemonian Oracles, resolving many nice and curious Questions. The greatest part never before printed. Sold by B. Bragge in Paternoster-Row. Where may be had the 1st and 2d Vols. [The Post Man]

2 June 1708

The Hazard of a Death-bed Repentance, fairly argued from the late Remorse of W— late D— of D— with serious reflexions on his adulterous life: On his living so long in a known sin: On that Latin epitaph he order'd to be set on the tomb-stone of Miss Campion. And upon his seeming penitence in his last sickness. Also the dying remonstrance of other persons of quality, and in particular of John Hampden, Esq; (formerly Knight of the Shire for Bucks) being a paper he sent by Monsieur Alix to Dr. Patrick, late Bishop of Ely. The whole resolving that nice question, how far a death-bed repentance is possible to be sincere? And is publish'd by way of answer to Dr. K—'s Sermon, preach'd at the funer of W— late D— of D—. To which is added Conjugal Perjury, or an Essay upon Whoredom, addres'd to the Husbands of Quality that keep Misses. Pr. 1 s. N.B. This book is printed on a small letter and large paper, that if any of the pyrates pretend to undersell this you may be sure they have printed but a part. This true edition is sold by J. Morphew near Stationers-Hall. (The Daily Courant)

10 July 1725
Lately published the 3d Edition, corrected with large
Additions of
A VIEW of LONDON and WESTMINSTER; or, the TOWN-SPY; Containing, amongst many others diverting Matters, new Votes and Schemes of the Irish Society of Fortune-Hunters. Of the Lawyers of St. Clement’s and St. Dunstan’s, the kept Mistresses at St. Andrew’s, the High and Low-Church Mobs at St. Brides, the Blackfryers Printers, and the Ludgate-hill Mercers. An Account of Jonathan Wilde’s Funeral Procession, and of a surprizing Specifick for the Cure of felonious, fraudulent and corrupt Habits, being an Handkerchief dipt in his Blood, highly necessary to be used at this time in great Britain. A Character of a City Church-warden, the Customs of the Citizens on the Sabbath-Day; the Pride, Intrigues and Degeneracy of the City Wives; of the Band of Petticoat Pensioners begetting young Merchants and Shopkeepers; also of the adventures of N-rt-n and Rod--ig, two famous Stalions, &c. Sold by T. Warner, at the Black Boy in Pater Noster Row, and by the Booksellers of London and Westminster. Price one Shilling. [Mist’s Weekly Journal]

1 January 1726
The Life and Actions of MOLL FLANDERS:
Containing, her birth and education in Newgate; her ambition to be a gentlewoman; her being taken into a gentleman’s family; her being debauch’d by her master’s eldest son, and married to the younger; her marriage to her own brother; her going over with him to, and settling in Virginia; her return to England; her marriage to an highwayman, who pass’d for a Person of Quality; her being reduc’d, and turning thief; her taking some plate from an house on fire; her turning informer; her robbing in man’s clothes; a singular adventure that happen’d to her at Bartholomew-Fair; her being apprehended, committed to Newgate, try’d, and cast for her life; her obtaining transportation; her meeting with her Quality-Husband in the same condition; her being transported with him; her second settlement, and happy success in Virginia, and removal into Ireland; her estate, penitence, age, death, burial, elegy, and epitaph. Adorn’d with cuts suitable to each chapter. London: Printed and Sold by T. Read, behind the Sun-Tavern in Fleet-Street. [Weekly Journal, or The British Gazetteer]

2 July 1726   Wednesday being the last day of Term, Mr. Edmund Curll was brought before the Court of King’s-Bench at Westminster, to receive Judgment for publishing two obscene books; the one a translation of La Religieuse en Chemise: and the other a translation of De Flagrorum Usu in re Veneria. But another information being filed against him, for since publishing another offensive book; he was remanded back to the King’s Bench Prison. [Weekly Journal, or The British Gazetteer]

24-28 April 1727
Just Published and Printed for J. Pote, at the Golden Door over against Suffolk-street, Charing Cross
     1. Nunnery Tales, written by a Nobleman, and translated from his French manuscript into English, never being published.
     2. Travels into several remote Nations, by Capt. Lemuel Gulliver, 3 vols. N.B. The third vol. may be had separate to compleat sets.
     3. Gulliver decypher’d, or Remarks on a late Book intitled Travels into several remote Nations, &c. the 2d edition with a key.
     4. Memoirs of the Court of Lilliputt, written by Capt. Gulliver, containing an Account of the Intrigues and some other particular Transactions of that Nation, omitted in the 3 vols. of his Travels. Published by Lucas Bennet, the 2d. edition.
     5. Memoirs of a certain Island adjacent to the Kingdom of Utopia, written by a celebrated Author of that Country, in two vols. with a compleat key.
     6. La Belle Assemblee, or the Adventures of six Days, being a curious Collection of remarkable Incidents which happen’d to some of the first Quality of France, written in french [sic] for the Entertainment of the King, by Mad. de Gomez, compleat in two vols. the second edition. N.B. The second vol. may be had singly.
     7. Robin Hood and the Duke of Lancaster a new Ballad.
     8. History and Antiquities of the cathedral Church of Canterbury, and the once-adjoining Monastry [sic], containing an Account of its Establishment, Buildings, Repairs, Endowments, Chapels, Altars, &c. with a Survey of the present Church and Cloysters, Lives of the Archbishops, Priors, &c. and the Monuments and Prospects of the Church, curiously engraven on upwards of forty copper plates.
     9. Joh. Fred. Leopold de itinere suo Suecico nuper facto, editio secunda cum figuris.
     At the said J. Pote’s shop, also may be had all new publilsh’d books, plays, pamphlets, writing paper, pens, ink, &c. [Craftsman]

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