Early Eighteenth-Century Newspaper Reports: A Sourcebook compiled by Rictor Norton


1-3 June 1699   Yesterday three of the condemned criminals suffered at Tybourn, viz. a man and a woman for coining, and a man for murder. When they were come to the place of execution, they were all three placed on one cart under the gallows, whilst the Ordinary praied with them; after which the woman was removed from thence to the stake, and then the cart drew away. She semed very penitent, and declared, she had put off some quantities of false money: She lamented very much the condition of her four small children; and being made fast to the post, she was immediately choak’d, and faggets [sic] and brushes, being placed round her, she was burnt to ashes. The two men seemed also very penitent. (The Flying Post)

10 August 1728   On Saturday last one Joseph Hyans a Jew at Horsely-down in Southwark, was committed to the County Jail of Surrey, by Justice Lade, there being found 30 broad pieces of gold in a drawer, most whereof were filed to the value of nineteen shillings; and about three ounces of the outside pieces of gold coined cut off with scissors, and a file which had gold dust in the teeth thereof. Which file and scissors appeared to be used very lately, and the said Joseph Hyans the Jew not denying the said broad pieces, cuttings of gold, scissors and file were found in his house, nor being able to shew whose the gold or tools were, they being found locked up in his drawyers; and Mrs. lade being informed also, that Hyans used to collect broad pieces about the streets, commmitted him to jail in order to be try’d at the next Assizes for the County of Surrey. There are abundance of these broad pieces that pass about the town. There are eactly round, and filed on the outside, smooth, and not jagged, as is customary in such pieces, which weigh about nineteen shillings each. (Weekly Journal, or the British Gazetteer)

7 September 1728   This day John Hyam the Jew, William Hughs, Robert Stubbs, and James Izzard are to be executed at Kingston. (Weekly Journal, or the British Gazetteer)

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