Early Eighteenth-Century Newspaper Reports compiled by Rictor Norton

God's in Gloc'ster



No Pimping here, nor Fornication;
The chastest Diocess iíthí Nation;
And all without a Visitation.
Itís plain then, since we have no Pastor,
The Flock to feed, or Church to foster,
Thí old Proverbís true, that Godís in Glocíster.

(The Weekly Oracle: or, Universal Library, 7 December 1734)

(Texts have been modernized with regard to capitalization, italicization, and punctuation, but original spelling has been retained. This edition copyright Rictor Norton. All rights reserved. Reproduction for sale or profit prohibited. These extracts may not be archived, republished or redistributed without the permission of the compiler.)

CITATION: Rictor Norton, Early Eighteenth-Century Newspaper Reports: A Sourcebook, "God's in Gloc'ster", 16 December 2003 <http://grubstreet.rictornorton.co.uk/glocest.htm>

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