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The Jews

1-3 October 1701   Yesterday being the day of Moses his coming down from Mount Sinai (as the Jews give out) they had a solemn meeting upon that account in their new synagogue. [English Post]

18-21 October 1701   We are informed that there is a proposal now on foot, for raising a considerable summ of money this next Sessions on the Jews, who are of late much increased both in number and riches, and have hitherto contributed but very inconsiderably to the publick taxes, in proportion to the natural-born subjects of this Kingdom [Flying Post]

7 January 1727   Two Jews, with 24 young women of their religion, are arrived here in one of his Majesty’s ships from Lisbon, having left that city for fear of the terrors of the Inquisition. [London Journal]

18 March 1727
To the Author of the Weekly-Journal
10, 1726/7
THIS is to acquaint all well disposed and pious persons, that there is a converted Jew baptized in London, in the year 1686, in St. Clement Danes Church, by the Rev. Dr. Hascard, then Rector and Dean of Windsor, godson of the Right Rev. Doctor Henry Compton, then Bishop of London, he is a most affectionate subject to the Church and Government of England, and has been a citizen of London ever since 1701; he was likewise a substantial house-keeper upwards of twenty years, as will appear by unquestionable certificates of his constant good behaviour ever since his conversion (which is upwards of forty years) from persons of the best character; but by losses and great disappointments he is reduced to the last extremities in his advanced age, and deeply afflicted with other calamities, after having sacrificed a comfortable subsistance, and a considerable fortune for a good conscience and Christianity. As the unhappy object is deliver’d up even to the condition of perishing, he being reduc’d to be worse than nothing; therefore all good and pious persons are most earnestly desired to have compassion on him, to prevent his reproach and utter ruin by his enemies,

and their charity will be receiv’d with the utmost gratitude, &c. N.B. This person may be heard of at Mr. Knaplock’s, a bookseller, in St. Paul’s Church-yard; at Mr. Isbell’s, a grocer, near Holborn-Bars; at Mr. Prude’s, apothecary, at the Corner House by the new Church in the Strand; and at Mr. Feesey’s, a sword-cutler in Pall-Mall, near the Hay-market; where full satisfaction may be had in the afore-mention’d particulars. Pray favour us with the inserting the afore-mention’d account, you will greatly oblige,
    Your Readers and Friends,
      J.B.   T.M.
          [Weekly Journal, or The British Gazetteer]

12 February 1730   Yesterday at a meeting of the Royal Society, Mr. Godfrey, a chymist, Mr. Moore, Dr. Frobenius, a German, Dr. Kempe, a physician of Hanover, and Dr. De Castro, an eminent Jew physician, were admitted Fellows. This last had met with very great opposition, from some of his faculty and celigion, who had descended to the lowest degree of calumny, to obstruct his election; but the certificate of the falshood [sic] of some reports, signed by the chief of the Synagogue, being printed, soon silenced his adversaries, who upon the ballot appeared 9 negative, in opposition to 58 affirmative. [Grub-street Journal]

18 May 1732   Thursday, May 11. Yesterday the Court of King’s Bench was moved for an information against Mr. Osborne, a printer in the Minories, for printing and publishing a libel, reflecting on the Jewish nation, charging some of those people with committing a barbarous murder, in burning an infant that was begot by a Christian on the body of a Jewish woman; by reason of which they were frequently insulted by the populace. The Court granted a rule for the defendant to shew cause this term. P. — I hope the King’s Bench will be moved e’er long for an information against several printers for printing and publishing libels, reflecting on all Christian nations, for their folly and stupidity in being such. (Grub-street Journal)

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CITATION: Rictor Norton, Early Eighteenth-Century Newspaper Reports: A Sourcebook, "The Jews", 16 April 2002, enlarged 30 January 2006 <http://grubstreet.rictornorton.co.uk/jews.htm>

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