Early Eighteenth-Century Newspaper Reports compiled by Rictor Norton

The Epistle of Robin the Butler

to Kitty the Cook's Daughter

My dear Kitty,
You’re so pretty,
So bewitching,
In the kitchen,
Or when stitching;
So endearing,
When you’re clearing;
And so neat,
When you wait,
At the tea,
So brisk, so gay.
All your beauties,
In your duties
Do so take me,
That they make me
Send this greeting
To my sweeting,
’Till our meeting:
Hoping Kitty
Wil have pitty
On the pain
I sustain.

With a sciver
From love’s quiver
I am spitted,
Ready fitted
To expire
At Cupid’s fire.

O! the grace,
Of your face;
And your eye
By which I fry;
And your lips,
Sweet as sips
Of your whips;
And your breast,
White as paste,
Just a budding
Like bag-pudding,
So excelling
Sweet and swelling;
And your waste
So decreas’d,
Like pyramed
Upon its head,
Turn’d upside down
By country clown.

But, alas!
Must I pass
All that lies
In disguise,
Made more provoking
By your cooking?

But least my Deary
Should grow weary,
Or think me rude;
I must conclude.

Then haste to make
Our wedding cake.
For know, my Love,
If you should prove
Unkind or cruel,
Nor broth nor gruel,
Can from the grave
Preserve your slave.

[Grub-street Journal, 5 August 1731]

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CITATION: Rictor Norton, Early Eighteenth-Century Newspaper Reports: A Sourcebook, "The Epistle of Robin the Butler to Kitty the Cook's Daughter", 23 April 2002 <http://grubstreet.rictornorton.co.uk/lowlife5.htm>

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