Early Eighteenth-Century Newspaper Reports compiled by Rictor Norton

Rewards Offered

14 November 1707
Whereas notice was formerly given in the Daily Courant, That the Inhabitants of Hackney Parish would give a Reward of 20l. for a Burglar, 10l. for a Robber on the Horse or Foot Road, and 5l. for a Felon, to such Persons as should apprehend such Criminals, upon Conviction of their having committed those Crimes in the said Parish: We whose Names are subscribed do desire that publick notice may be given, That on the 8th Instant we receiv’d of the said Inhabitants (without any Deduction or Fee) the Sum of 5l. for having apprehended Philip Levy, who was convicted (in September last at the Old Baily) of Felony for Robbing the House of Mr. Silva, Junior, in Well-Street, Hackney.
              Rich. Rowel, Tho. Mead, Wm. Davis     [Daily Courant]

27 January 1708
Whereas a Hackney Coach took up a Gentleman on Wednesday night last, about 6 a clock in the evening, at St. James's-House, and set him down in Great-Russell-street near Montague-House, and by neglect of his servant left in the coach his Rocqlaur, or short scarlet cloak, with 6 gold buttons, and loops on both sides, the fore part lin'd with a course red ratteen. If the coachman or any servant will bring the same to St. James’s Coffee-house by the Court-gate, shall for their trouble, without any inquiry made, be paid a guinea by the master of the said coffee-house. (Daily Courant)

7 August 1708
A large tan-colour dog-hound, with the letter I. cut in the hair on his left side, has white on his face, breast, and legs, went away from the Earl of Litchfield's house in Greenwich the 4th instant. Whoever brings him to his Lordships house aforesaid shall have 20s. reward. (Daily Courant)

14 February 1719   The money for taking the highwaymen at the One Tun Tavern in the Strand (as allow’d by Act of Parliament) has been distributed among the persons concern’d in the apprehending and convicting them. The two Justices, and a Gentleman, who assisted ’em, have had 5l. each; the Master of the One Tun Tavern 10l. and the Drawer, who first discover’d them, only 10l. the Prosecutors have also had some part of the said money. (Original Weekly Journal)

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